7-AAD(7-Aminoactinomycin D) Powder

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7-add Powder FOR sale online | Buy 7-add Powder Online

7-add Powder FOR sale online in USA. At research Chemicals online, we sell research chemicals, cannabinoids and cathinone amongst others and we are the best platform where you can buy 7-add powder online . 7-add belongs to the categories of cannabinoids and stimulants that act on the cb1 cb2 receptors. At Genlabs Chemicals you can also buy research chemicals online. 

Artificially, buy 7-add online cheap is almost basically indistinguishable from ketamine, in any case, with 2-FDCK, the chlorine bunch has been supplanted by fluorine. 2-fluoro Deschloroketamine or 2fdck is an analytical reference standard that is structurally categorized as an arylcyclohexylamine. The physiological and toxicological properties of this compound are not known. 7-add Powder FOR sale online

7-add as a new research chemical

buy 7-add powder online which is a new research chemical but has gained much attention in  recent times even with the popular 7-ad 19 for sale still in the market. Since it’s new clients would like to know how strong it is as compared to the other cannabinoids. They are amazing agonist of both cb1 and cb2 receptors. 7-add powder for sale online which is also a strong cannabinoids and the best part is since its still new its not controlled yet  hcs

Effects of 7-add after online buy

There have been relatively low documented reports about the the effect of 7-add. This is because it’s is relatively new in the market. Just like other research chemicals this product is intended just for scientific research and on no occasion should it be consumed without prior knowledge of how it functions. buy 7-add powder online from us and get your order shipped out. 7-add Powder FOR sale online

Uses of 7add powder

As mentioned somewhere in our post 7-add powder for sale is strictly for scientific research. People buy 7-add powder online however have other uses such as making vape and c liquid. These chemicals are not intended be sold to minors and we bear no responsibility if abused

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3 reviews for 7-AAD(7-Aminoactinomycin D) Powder

  1. Thao

    Everything else was fairly the same as other websites. They did make the shipping and transfer simple. high quality

  2. Kyle

    It was easy to order and set up an account. My order arrived quickly and was well packaged. The product seems high quality. I do not have anything to compare it to. I set up monthly shipments.

  3. Smith

    Excellent product

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